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February 2013: Kelly Misek has finished recording for the audio drama THE KATNISS CHRONICLES Part III. Stay tuned for the season premiere later this year!

January 2013: The short film THE LAST OF US: JACKSON COUNTY, with a bit of a script and name change, will officialy begin filming in March!!

December 2013: Merry Christmas from the Misek's! Peace and joy to you and your family this winter.

November 2013: Kelly is officially cast in Part III of THE KATNISS CHRONICLES, an online audio drama!!

October 2013: The musical WARTIME ROMANCE opens in Branson, Missouri with Kelly as one of the lead roles!


September 2013: Agent Susan Nathe and Manager Victor Kruglov sign Kelly Misek to their list of clients!!

August 2013: Kelly is cast in the feature film THE TOY SOLDIERS.

Set in a fictitious 1980's California beach town, placed primarily in a roller rink/arcade and follows six principal characters whose lives intersect on the final day before their favorite hangout is torn down.

July 2013: Production on the feature film THE TREEHOUSE starts, starring Kelly Misek as the lead role.

Socially-awkward Timmy (played by Kelly Misek, Jr.), is convinced that a girl he knew when he was six years old (played by Christina Licciardi) has been brainwashed into not loving him, by her current boyfriend (Reece Kirk). Timmy sets out to rescue her and also achieve stardom with his out-of-tune singing and guitar playing.

June 2013: Kelly Misek attends the 2013 Annual Saturn Awards!

(Picture with Joss Whedon and Kelly Misek, Jr.)

June 2013: A fantastic release party for THE KATNISS CHRONICLES Part II, with Kelly Misek voicing Supporting roles!

Picture with Barbra Dillon (voice of Katniss) & Tony Caballero (writer)

June 2013: Kelly starts production on CIRQUE AUDITIONS, a short film written, directed and starred in by Kelly!!

"Based off of an 'everyman' type character who stumbles upon a strange set of auditions. Every character of the short film will be played by Kelly."

June 2013: Cast in a Dairy Queen commercial that will run as a world-wide campaign!!


June 2013: Official trailer release for the short film BROKEN, starring Kelly Misek!

June 2013: Kelly is cast as the leading role, Narrator, in a short film based off of Shakespeare's Sonnet 116!!

May 2013: Kelly is cast as the lead in the short film THE LAST OF US: DESTINATION BOSTON, based off of the popular video game!!

(art from video game)

May 2013: Premiere of short film RED SHIRTS, starring Kelly Misek as Captain James T. Kirk!!

April 2013: THE KATNISS CHRONICLES released an audio behind-the-scenes interview with Kelly Misek!

Listen Here! - Production Journal 26 (5min 30sec)

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