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April 2013: Kelly is cast as Captain James T. Kirk in the short film RED SHIRTS!!

(photo by Kelly Misek Jr, edited by Alexander Winn)

March 2013:
Kelly is chosen to be a guest on the CBS show The Doctors!!

Airdate: Wednesday April 24th - Local Listing

February 2013: Official Season 1 & Extra Content DVD released for Edgeworks Entertainment's League of Ordinary Gamers, starring Kelly Misek!! (trailer below)

February 2013: Kelly Misek is interviewed for a Documentary about actor Doug Jones, directed by Darren Chase!! (trailer below)

January 2013: The short film TRACERS, with Kelly Misek, is released online!! view on video page

January 2013: Kelly starts the year off being cast in the audio drama The Katniss Chronicles!!

Based off the book The Hunger Games. Check out the
first series - The Katniss Chronicles: Part 1

January 2013: Happy New Year!!! May you have a blessed and prosperous 2013!!

December 2012: Merry Christmas from the Misek's! Peace and joy to you and your family this winter.

November 2012: Kelly Misek attends Whedonopolis - Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog Charity Screening at the Barnsdall Gallery Theatre!!

October 2012: Kelly is cast in the film DEAD DROP starring Brian McNamara, Director Kathi Carey, and Assistant Director Jim Hanks!!

September 2012: Cast as a Guest-Star on Biography Channel's "Killer Kids"! (airdate TBA)

August 2012: Attends the Variety Children's Benefit at Paramount Studios! (picture with Doug Jones)


August 2012: After a week of 9 auditions, Kelly books 4 more projects!!

HUZZAH! - web series - Reoccurring
"A new kid in town moves to a friendly little cul-de-sac, to discover the neighboring boys and girls live everyday playing a Dungeons-and-Dragons-style game in real life. (also known as LARP-ing)."

FIXER - web series - Guest-Star
"6 Episode Mini Series in the genre of Fringe and 24. A group of trained assassins, subcontracted by the government, are being hunted down by their own employer, Mother."

SWERVE - feature - Supporting
"In a future post-apocalyptic California, the new frontier is a vast nano-contaminated Zone where a cyberscientist prepares a global mind-harvesting experiment."

TRACERS - short film - Lead
"A Grandpa and Grandson are searching for Military Test Missiles in the desert when they come across two dangerous men."

August 2012: Just cast as a Supporting role in the feature film "Just a Simple Love Story"!!

"Paul and Elizabeth, two best friends, have loved each other since they've met, but keep finding themselves in relationships with other people."

July 2012: Attends the premiere of THE WATCH at Grauman's Chinese Theatre!! (with Ben Stiller, Vince Vaughn, Jonah Hill, Richard Ayoade, and Doug Jones.)


June 2012: Filming the pilot episode for the TV-Series "All For Nothing".

"Eric, a recent college grad, finds that the job market and his pockets are empty. He returns home, to his dysfunctional friends and family."

Mid-Year Highlights May 2012:
  • "The League of Ordinary Gamers"
        -- Starring Kelly Misek (Season 1, 9 episodes)
  • Follow Kelly Misek!
        -- Twitter - Follow Here!
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  • Cast as a lead role in the film Broken!
  • Appears on "The Price is Right" gameshow.
        -- Interviewed on Omaha's 98.5 radio station!
            Listen Here! (10min 20sec)

April 2012: Check out the cast page for "Wartime Romance"!
-- Two Shows Only - April 28, 3:00 & 7:00pm.

March 2012: Just cast in the short film "Nightingale"!!

"Guy is woken by a strange girl who's not able to remember who she is or where she's from. The two find themselves in a world of Secret Agents and maniacal doctors."

March 2012: League s01e06 "On Love and TARDIS-es" is now online!! If you like the TV show "Doctor Who" you'll love this episode.

March 2012: Kelly Misek appears on "THE PRICE IS RIGHT" gameshow and is interviewed on Omaha's 98.5 radio station!

Listen to the 98.5 Interview! (10min 20sec)

March 2012: Season 1 Episode 4 "Interventions" is now up of "The League of Ordinary Gamers"!!

March 2012: Just cast as one of the leading roles in the new musical "Wartime Romance"! Playing at the Santa Clarita Performing Arts Center

"A true story about US Marine Dive Bombers in World War II who find strength through the letters they receive from home."
-- Two Shows Only - April 28, 3:00 & 7:00pm.

March 2012: Just cast in the film "Broken"!

"Set in 1987 three graduates bring a robot to life... but it might be a little more alive than they expected."
-- Filming March 2012.

February 2012: Season 1 Episode 3 is up of "The League of Ordinary Gamers"!!

February 2012: Kelly auditions for Aaron Sorkin's new show "The Newsroom" (HBO)!!

February 2012: Follow Kelly Misek on Twitter now -- Follow Here!

February 2012: The website is going to be going through many changes over the next few months! Streamlining your access to all of Kelly Misek's work. Such as Pt.1 of "The League of Ordinary Gamers"

January 2012: Get ready!! Feb 9, 2012 is the official premiere of The League of Ordinary Gamers, starring Kelly Misek! Until then - enjoy the Official Trailer.

January 2012: It's coming. Watch the teaser.

January 2012: HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Many blessings to all of the friends and family and supporters. Here's to a peaceful and creative year. I wish you the best.
-- Kelly Misek, Jr.

November 2011: Filming for the new web series "The League of Ordinary Gamers" - starring Kelly Misek.

- "Unsuspecting gamers who become enveloped by a Secret Agent world."

October 2011: Sizzle reels are released for AOL's pilot The List - starring Kelly Misek and Don Danielson as your Hosts!!!
-Watch the 90 Second Teaser-

September 2011: Kelly is cast as the lead Zombie (Reporter Greg, ZBS) in Ace Hardware's 2-part commercial!!
---Featured articles in the Omaha World Herald, San Fransico Chronicle, and the Chicago Tribune!

September 2011: Rehearsals start for Nebraska Shakespeare Festival's tour of "Much Ado About Nothing"! - For more info on shows/tickets.

August 2011: Kelly is cast as the lead role in the new webseries "The League of Ordinary Gamers" - produced by Edgeworks Entertainment. *More details to come!!

August 2011: Cast as the Co-Host for AOL's television pilot "The List"!!

July 2011: Going on tour!! Kelly is cast as the roles of Don Pedro and George Seacoal in Nebraska Shakespeare Festival's "Much Ado About Nothing"!!

July 2011: Just cast in the film Incredible Girl!

June 2011: Follow Kelly on FACEBOOK!

May 2011: Nebraska Shakespeare Festival casts Kelly in their 25th Season, playing Demetrius (Midsummer Night's Dream) and Laertes (Hamlet)!!

April 2011: Kelly begins work writing a new one-man show, with Director Benjamin Mosse!

March 2011: Kelly is cast as Rodorigo in the trailer for a new feature-film version of "Othello"!!

February 2011: New Headshots!! Check them out with various other photos on the STILLS page!

January 2011: Actor and Co-Creator Kelly Misek will appear in "6 Actors In Search of a Pilot"!!
Plays at The Elephant Theatre, January 25.

January 2011: Kelly starts the New Year being booked as a Recurring Host of an online Healthcare Operational Analysis course!

December 2010: Official Premiere of "TACE", directed by Kelly Misek!

November 2010: Is cast as the understudy to the Lead role in the new country-western play "Tucumcari"!!
Plays at Theatre 40, in Beverly Hills.
--Performing February 16th & 24th, 2011

October 2010: Is cast as Duperret in "Marat/Sade", playing at The Underground Theatre, directed by Steven Helgoth and Frayne Rosanoff!!
--Opens Oct. 25, plays every Mon-Wed until Nov. 10.

September 2010: Kelly is back in LA after a summer of Shakespeare!

August 2010: Premiere of "Unusual Suspects", Episode 12 "Happy Face Killer" with guest-star Kelly Misek!!

August 2010: Kelly is cast as the Host of an online Healthcare Operational Analysis course!

July 2010: Cast in a national AARP Infomercial!

June 2010: Official teaser for the short film "TACE" is complete, directed by Kelly Misek!!

June 2010: Kelly is cast as Berowne in the summer production of "Love’s Labour’s Lost"!

May 2010: First table read for the original play “Renaissance” (working title) co-authored by Kelly Misek and Shawn Durbin!!

April 2010: Kelly sings in the theme song for the aquatic short "Friends With Fins", produced by Jaclyn Friedlander!!

February 2010: Accepted into the One-On-One workshop company!!

January 2010: Cast in a Showcase playing at The Next Stage opening this March!

December 2009: Kelly is set to direct the short suspense film "TACE" - produced by Matt Clark!

November 2009: Kelly is officially signed to The Wallis Agency's Film/Theater division - agent Kristene Wallis!

October 2009: Kelly just wrapped “Project Renaissance”, directed by Ron Howard and starring Ellen DeGeneres!!

September 2009: After 24 hours in Los Angeles, Kelly signs with agent Blake Clark from The Wallis Agency!!

July 2009: Kelly cast as a Featured actor next to Adrien Brody and Maggie Grace in "The Experiment"!

May 2009: Rehearsals for the U.S. PREMIERE of "Princess Diana: The Musical" begin, with Kelly originating the role of Lord Mountbatten!!

April 2009: Premiere of "The Yin of Gary Fischer's Life" starring Kelly Misek!

March 2009: Kelly's original screenplay is officially supported by Producer Matt Clark.

February 2009: Cast as Cassio in "Othello", directed by J. Parker Reed!

January 2009: Kelly starts the year by booking Nebraska Shakespeare's "Romeo & Juliet", appearing as Mercutio.